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The Wider Impact of Abortion

Twenty years ago we started the Post Abortion Healing Course at Holy Trinity Brompton in Central London. Since then hundreds of women have completed our course. In our groups we seem to talk about very different issues to the way that abortion is thought about in our society.

Our society, which overwhelmingly accepts abortion, is in general unquestioning about it. As a culture we tend to believe:

  • It opens up choice for woman
  • It is empowering
  • It gives women control over their lives
  • It is the woman who is making the choice
  • It is a minor medical procedure that can be done without consequence

There is however another side to the story, one which clearly shows up on our courses. If you have never really thought about the emotional or relational impact of abortion before we believe you may find the questions we raise here refreshing and unusual. In particular there are five key issues that surface on our courses which we rarely see reflected elsewhere. These issues have the potential to profoundly impact the lives of women and men choosing abortion.

These issues are: