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An inspiring story from a past course

“It was my biggest secret – I was anxious someone would find out”

Margaret O’Hara led one of our courses, as part of which there was a Saturday session. Margaret invited us to her home, and then to go with her to her local church the next day. As we drove down the hill to the church, one of the women said, “Wait, I know this place, I’ve been here before.” She told of how many years previously, she had been in great turmoil when she discovered she was pregnant. She was a committed Christian and the daughter of a senior church leader.

At the time of her pregnancy she felt that she could not talk to her father about it in case it put him in a difficult position. As she was thinking about having an abortion, she was driving along a motorway when she saw the spire of a church. She pulled off at the next junction to find the church and pray about her situation. She entered the church building and as she started to pray she felt God tell her not to have the abortion. But she went ahead and had been carrying the guilt for many years.

The church Margaret took us to was the very same one the young woman had stopped at to pray all those years ago. She was filled with an unspeakable joy that spoke to her of absolute redemption and restoration. That God should lead her back to the same place gave her a personal reassurance that he had been with her all the time; that he had never let her go in spite of what she had done. When we met up the following week her face shone with absolute radiance. Here was a woman at peace!

This is just one story of God’s grace towards a woman who had an abortion. It shows us where God is in the abortion debate: alongside those who are having abortions, calling them to choose differently beforehand, but ready to pick up the pieces afterwards. It also shows us where the church could be: standing alongside pregnant women as they wrestle with their situation and choices, and being there with arms outstretched whatever decision they may make.

Our ministry of post-abortion recovery works because at its centre is the hope and reconciliation found in Jesus Christ. He is at the heart of everything we do and only through him is full healing and restoration possible.