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We asked guests from previous courses why they signed up:

“I was fed-up with covering my up my pain and pretending to myself I was OK when I knew I wasn’t. I wanted to connect with me.”

“I was wearing a mask, I wanted to live in Christ’s freedom but felt in jail.”

“I was exhausted running around helping others as a way of feeling better about myself. I was tired of the secrecy, of living in fear that someone would find out.”

“How come I prayed for forgiveness, but didn’t feel forgiven?”

What did they experience on the course?

‘I have never felt so nurtured, so emotionally safe to express myself.’ 

'I was met with real kindness. The course was the most life-changing and significant experience I have had, except for becoming a Christian.'

'I felt very safe on the course and met with Jesus. I feel forgiven and set free. I no longer feel depressed.’

‘You have restored my motherhood to me.’