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The Spiritual Price of Abortion

Re-connecting with faith

We believe that God loves women who have had an abortion. Abortion is not the unforgiveable sin.

We see Christians of all ages and situations on our courses. Around half had their abortions when they were Christians, and half before they came to faith. A strong silence has grown up around the issue in the church, and together with a natural inclination towards denial, this can leave Christians reluctant to engage with their past abortions, let alone allow God into this area of their lives.   In turn this can create a barrier in their relationship with God and be highly corrosive to faith. The silence of the church on the issue can also feel very judgmental and those with an abortion in their past can understandably want to keep it a secret. In all likelihood they will continue to hide it and suffer in silence.

Our course is particularity powerful because it is run in the Christian setting and our greatest joy is to see women and men come alive in their faith again as they realize abortion is not the “unforgiveable sin”, which is what their subconscious sense of shame may have been telling them.

We would urge Christian women with an abortion in their past not to fear coming forward and joining our courses. We will not judge you. We are fully aware of the need for confidentiality. We urge you not to live in fear and silence any longer. Come and live in the fullness of the life Jesus intended for you - a life of peace and vitality, not one of silence and shame.

Some Christians who have abortions feel that perhaps they have lost their chance of salvation, and frequently become distant from their faith and other Christians. Others feel that there is a barrier between themselves and God that prevents them from praying. One woman said: “I used to pray that God would use me powerfully. I wanted nothing more than to give my whole life to him. Since this happened I cannot even pray or go to church.”   It is the greatest reward for us to see people reconnect with their faith on the course, and emerge with a greater understanding of God’s grace and purpose for their lives.

One woman said, “Apart from becoming a Christian, this is the most significant thing I have done in my life.”

After one course a woman wrote to us: “I’d stopped feeling anything, I didn’t know what a relationship with Jesus was any longer. I felt depressed so I thought I’d give the course a go. I found Jesus. I found my life. Thanks.”

Men and abortion

Men can be affected in just the same way as women, illustrated by the fact that we use the same course for both men and women. As with women, we believe not all men are affected by an abortion, but many are, and the effects of abortion on both women and men are well known and attested*. The above has focused on the experience of women, as in reality it is women who are likely to form the majority of those on our courses. That is not to neglect the fact that men as well as women are able to seek healing for a past abortion.

*See: Rue, V., 1996. The Effects of Abortion on Men. Ethics and Medicine 21 (4): 3–4; Condon, G., and Hazard, D., 2001. Fatherhood Aborted. Carol Stream: Tyndale House; and Coyle, C., 1999. Men and Abortion: A Path to Healing. Fort Collins: Life Cycle Books; and Jones, K. and Cochrane, L., 1996. Healing a Father’s Heart: a Post-Abortion Bible Study for Men. Ada, Michigan: Baker Books.